Rock Fall Netting

Rockfall netting technique can be in the form of passive rockfall netting or active restraint system. Passive rock netting is designed to contain loose material rather than prevent rockfall and allows the loose material to be either safely trapped behind the netting or fall harmlessly behind the netting to ground level. Active restraint system may be constructed using high tensile mesh in conjunction with an array of dowels and rock bolts to prevent further rockfall and restraint movement of potentially unstable rocks.

When to use Rockfall Netting? Rockfall netting is used to cover an entire area of unstable rock where the rock is big and blocky but not big enough to make bolting the only option.

Factors affecting rockfall that must be considered include slope height, topographic profile, variable slope angles, potential launch points, rock type variations, soil cover, vegetative cover, potential runout areas and impact zones.